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Partnerships / Teaming

MicroLan Systems, Inc. consistently works on the development of partnerships and teaming agreements to enhance the delivery of quality solutions to DoD customers like USAF and Army PEOs. Contact us for further information regarding how we can make available various engineering disciplines in service to the country's needs and beneficial to you.

Our current agreements are:

  • NETCENTS2 – Raytheon, BAE
  • Battle Command – Raytheon
  • R2-3G – Raytheon, BAE, DRS
  • S3 – USfalcon
  • MPEC II – Northrop
  • Alliant – DUCOM
  • AOC – Northrop

In addition to these large omnibus contract agreements,  MSI is partnered with many of the top providers to the US military such as Sumaria, IZ Technologies, and TASC.

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