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Mahendra Patel

Vice President and General Manager of the Industry Solutions Division within the Enterprise Computing Group at Compaq.

Mahendra joined Digital Equipment Corporation in 1982 as Technical Director, Systems and Communications Engineering Group, where he was responsible for software product strategy development and for re-establishing Digital as the primary vendor of tools for building artificial intelligence on VAX.

As Technical Director, Systems and Clusters Engineering Group, he was responsible for ensuring delivery of the VMS clusters products through resolution of all technical problems and for development of multiprocessing options for Digital.

As Technical Director, Distributed Systems, (then Telecommunications & Networks, later Networks and Communications) he merged DECnet, remote procedure calls, object naming service, print services, system management services, time service, and network security into the DECnet network architecture. He was also responsible for the advanced development efforts of communications networks and distributed computing and for the strategy regarding Digital’s entrance into the transaction processing business.

As Technical Director, Networks and Communications, Mahendra was responsible for the architecture and advanced development of networking products which included FDDI, Ethernet and Token Ring; DECnet, OSI and TCP/IP; Distributed Computing Environment; switches, routers, bridges, repeaters and terminal servers.

As Vice President, Systems Engineering, Mahendra was responsible for providing customized services to customer-interfacing groups and customers. Systems Engineering was responsible for co-engineering ISV partner’s software on Digital platforms. Computer Special Systems Business Segment (CSS) was a part of Systems Engineering and provided customized systems to Digital customers. The OEM Business Segment, another part of Systems Engineering, was responsible for the inclusion of Digital products into other products/solutions produced by companies that were customers of Digital. Programs for the vitality of the Technical Support community, and the integrity of solutions marketed by Digital, also were the responsibility of Systems Engineering. Systems Engineering was also responsible for the management of BCFI, a company owned by Digital that developed products for the retail banking industry.

Mahendra is Vice President and General Manager of the Industry Solutions Division (ISD) for Compaq. ISD is responsible for the development of the solutions business for selected subsegments within the Communications, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Public Sector industries. ISD includes the businesses of Custom Systems (formerly CSS), OEM, BCFI and CTNS (Compaq Telecommunications Network Solutions).

He is the author or co-author of 14 technical papers.

Prior to joining Digital and Compaq, Mahendra was with International Computers, Ltd. in the UK for over 14 years.

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